Aluk todolo,Religion Toraja ancestral tribe.

Aluk Todolo is the religion of the Toraja ancestor ancestors who are still practiced by a large number of people of Toraja. Even in 1970, Aluk Todolo already protected by state and officially accepted into the sect of Hindu-Balinese. Aluk Todolo is old animistic belief, in its development Aluk Todolo much influenced by the teachings of Confucius and the Hindu religious life. Therefore, Aluk Todolo is a belief that is polytheism which dinamistik.

Trust Aluk Todolo stems from two main courses aluk 7777 (aluk Sanda pitunna) and all-round aluk hundred (Sanda saratu ‘).

Sanda Aluk Pitunna (aluk 7777) distributed by Tangdilino ‘and is a religious system that is believed by the Toraja as aluk derived from the sky along with mankind. Therefore, Sanda Aluk aluk Pitunna is the oldest and widely spread in Toraja. Meanwhile, Sanda Aluk Saratu ‘came later and is spread by Puang Tamborolangi’, but Aluk Sanda Saratu ‘only developing region Tallu Lembangna (Makale, Sangalla and Mengkendek).

Sanda Aluk Pitunna derived from religious teaching (sukaran aluk) covering the ceremony (aluk), prohibition (Pemali), a general truth (think ‘) and the incident in accordance with the plot (salunna). Aluk itself includes the ceremony which consists of three shoots and four tumbuni (aluk Tallu lolona, ​​a’pa ‘pentaunina). Called three aIuk because it involves a ceremony that involves human beings (aluk tau), a ceremony involving plants (aluk tananan) and rituals involving animals (aluk patuan) and said four because in addition to the three things above there is one ritual Suru ceremony called ‘serves to penetrate the fault (pengkalossoran).

Western Region
Important figure in the spread of this aluk in western Tana Toraja, namely:
Pongkapadang together Burake Tattiu ‘which spread to the area Bonggakaradeng, partly Saluputti, Simbuang until the Pitu Ulunna Salu Ba’bana Minanga Karua, to introduce to the local community a social institution called the Toraja language “to unnirui’ Suke pa’pa, to ungkandei kandian saratu ie institutions
unfamiliar social strata.

Eastern Region
In the eastern region of Tana Toraja, Pasontik together Burake Tambolang spread to areas Pitung Pananaian, Rantebua, Tangdu, Ranteballa, Ta’bi, Tabang, Maindo up to the South and North Luwu by introducing a social institution called the Toraja language: “To Unnirui ‘Suke dibonga, To unkandei kandean pindan “, ie social institutions that make up good people’s lives in the three social strata.

Middle region
Tangdilino together Burake Tangngana aluk spread to the middle region of Tana Toraja with a social institution “To unniru’i Suke dibonga, To ungkandei kandean pindan”.

In accordance with the meaning and content contained in Aluk Todolo belief system, there are a number of issues relevant to management and environmental protection. If traced reference traces the concept of conservation and management of the environment for Toraja people, found that the management and preservation of the environment for Toraja people, the first set in the existing religious system and it covers almost all rites performed.


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