Toraja tradition, “Ceremony Rambu Solo ‘And Rambu Tuka”.

In Toraja, there are 2 very famous traditional ceremony, the first is the traditional ceremony Signs Solo ‘(a ceremony for the cemetery) with Randanan Sweep event, Tombi Saratu’, and Ma’nene ‘, and the second ceremony is the ceremonial signs Tuka’ . Traditional ceremonies, both Signs Solo ‘or signs Tuka’ accompanied with dance performances and art of music typical Toraja a wide range of variety.








    • Signs Solo (Rambu solo ‘ )

    Signs Solo is customary funeral which requires the family of the deceased to make a final ceremony as a mark of respect to the deceased who had died.

    Depth In Ceremony Signs Solo
    Ceremony Signs Solo ‘is divided into several levels and refers to the social strata in society Toraja, namely:
    · Listed Bongi: the funeral ceremony is only performed in 1 night only.
    · Dipatallung Bongi: the funeral ceremony which lasted for 3 nights and carried home late and made slaughterhouse.
    · Dipalimang Bongi: the funeral ceremony which lasted for 5 nights and carried around the house late and the animals are slaughtered.
    · Dipapitung Bongi: the funeral ceremony that lasted for 7 nights on each day are slaughtered animal.

    Highest Ceremony
    Usually the highest ceremony held 2 times the time span of at least 1 year. The first ceremony is called Aluk Pia, Pia Aluk implementation usually located around the grieving family Tongkonan. The second ceremony is Rante ceremony, usually held disebuah special field because the ceremony is to be the culmination of the funeral procession is usually encountered various traditional rituals that must be followed, such as: Ma’tundan, Ma’balun (wrapped the body), Ma’roto (affix ornaments of gold and silver thread in the coffin), Ma’Parokko Alang (lower body kelumbung to be buried), and that was the last Ma’Palao (ie carrying the corpse to the place of last resort).

    Various cultural activities of interest was shown well in this ceremony, among others:
    · Ma’pasilaga tedong (Adu buffalo), which pitted the buffalo buffalo Tana Toraja has a typical characteristic of having horns bent down or [balukku ‘, sokko] who skinned striped (tedang bonga); Sisemba’ or Adu foot.

    · Dances associated with the ritual signs for solo ‘among others: Pa’Badong, Pa’Dondi, Pa’Randing, Pa’Katia, Pa’papanggan, Passailo and Pa’pasilaga Tedong; Meanwhile, for the art of music, among others: Pa ‘pompang, Pa’dali of control and Unnosong.

    · Ma’tinggoro tedong (Cutting buffalo with typical Toraja society, with bull neck cut with machetes, carried out with a single slash). Buffalo for the slaughter, usually moored to a rock called Stone Simbuang.

    Famous buffalo type of Toraja is Tedong bonga. Bonga Tedong price is very high, up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Buffalo Tedong bonga is categorized in groups of mud or water buffalo Bubalus bubalis, is an endemic species found only in Toraja only. The difficulty in breeding and coupled with a tendency to slaughter as many in traditional ceremonies, making germplasm (genetic resources) that native endangered. By usainya Ceremony Signs Solo ‘, families are required to give thanks to the late creator and signifies the completion of funeral Signs Solo







    • Signs Tuka (rambu Tuka‘ )

      Ceremony Signs Tuka ‘is an event berhungan with the wedding shower for instance, harvest thanksgiving and dedication tongkonan traditional house or a new, or renovated. Tuka signs bring all the family cluster. All the ceremony was known as the Ma’Bua ‘, Meroek, or Mangrara Banua Sura’.

      In a traditional ceremony Signs Tuka ‘followed by the art of dance: Pa’ Gellu, Pa ‘Boneballa, Gellu Tungga’, Ondo Samalele, Pa’Dao Moon, Pa’Burake, Memanna, Maluya, Pa’Tirra ‘, Panimbong and others. For the art of music that is Pa’Pompang, pa’Barrung, Pa’pelle ‘.

      Art Music and dance are featured in traditional ceremonies Signs Solo ‘can not (taboo) Signs displayed on ceremonial Tuka’.


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