Tourist attractions in the land of Toraja.

Land of Toraja is one of the areas beautiful, interesting and captivating in Indonesia. Toraja is not wrong if the favorite tourist attractions. in Toraja you will find a mix of natural shades dulu.ukiran touch-era carvings, panoramic and rituals add interest to the Toraja. if you visit the land of Toraja I recommend to visit the following attractions :

1. Makale

Makale is the administrative capital of Tana Toraja, the rugged hills of the city is crowned by a church spire, while the foot of the valley is dominated by the new government buildings. Many of them took the traditional house type of building which is full of Toraja architectural carvings and arched roof. The city proper is an area that connects with the western Toraja region, around London, Suaya and Sangalla. At the market this city is the center of much activity because people come with their products in the form of animals, crafts mats, baskets and locally made crafts.

2. Rantepao

Rantepao is the second city after Makale in Toraja. Rantepao advantage is most of the places of interest located around 15 km radius from downtown.

3. Grave Stone Lemo

Lemo Dikuburan porch can be seen tau-tau one with the wild craggy rock museum opened a combination of death rituals. Tau-tau or human means of small wooden statues that are considered embody the spirit of the dead are made of wood or bamboo. Periodically clothes can be replaced through a ceremony called Ma’nene (salute to parents).

4. The Steep Rock Tombs Londa

Londa grave stone cliff side is one side of the cemetery is located at the height of the hill has a deep cave where the bodies crates in the set and are regrouped based on the family line. On the other side of the dozens of tau-tau in hidmat standing on the balcony like a living face looked with open eyes full

5. Suaya Tombs of Kings Sangalla

Cemetery located on one side of the hill. Carved as a retreat from the seven kings and royal family Sangalla. Tau-tau from the Kings and the royal family dressed in traditional clothing in accordance with the king of Toraja in advance to place a stone tomb. available stone staircase to ascend into the hill where the king when his life is used to bersepi-quiet, where it will be a museum to put the wealth of kings Sangalla

6. Kete trouble

Kampung Kete trouble is still characterized by traditional looks from the front at the center of the ocean paddy with a series of curved roof and walls carved in beautiful barns are fascinating. tongkonan village has four traditional Toraja house. One of the central Tongkonan underneath made such a small museum. Residents master the skills to carve and paint which can be witnessed in those who are working there. bamboo and wooden carvings sold in several surrounding villages
Kete trouble Tana Toraja, a small traditional village in the regency of Tana Toraja (Tator). The area is comprised of eight tongkonan parent, complete with rice barns in front of each tongkonan, it became one tourist destination in Tator.
The location is about three kilometers from the highway, or a half hour trip from Rantepao District. can use public transportation car service from Rantepao or use the motorcycle taxis.
Approaching the site, lay a view tongkonan lined, on the sidelines rimbunnya pepopohonan with foreground verdant padi fields.
Looks citizens relaxing in their homes which were located in the back row tongkonan. While in the back and sides tongkonan, looking craft stalls carved by craftsmen completed the painting in their respective stalls.
In Ke’te ‘trouble’, can feel the aroma of the traditional life of Toraja people. and row tongkonan, one of whom allegedly had about 150 years old. One signer, roof made of bamboo structure, already overgrown with wild plants. The atmosphere stuffy, dimly light entering from the small window of the booth across from the front, opposite the chamber to put the corpse.
In the row that lined the Ke’te tongkonan ‘trouble’, it appears dozens of buffalo horn prepared to hang in front of each tongkonan. on the outer side wall, also shows the remaining jaw bone of a buffalo head. as a marker of how many buffalo that had been sacrificed during the ceremony of death is established.
Buffalo became the victims at the death of animals, in addition to pigs. According to local belief, spirits buffalo as a means of transportation for the spirits of people who died on the way puya (heaven) that is located in the south.
Oldest rocks Bury
In complex Ke’te trouble ‘, visitors also can see the tomb stone at the same time, which is located about 50 yards behind tongkonan.
The journey continues by climbing a small hill, whose height was no more than 10 meters. On the left side of the street terraces, there is the rock, which was filled with holes. In the holes were easily found human bones and skulls scattered.
When the head looked up, looked wooden crates which had decomposed depending on the ceiling crack rock, with a buffer timber. From the treasury any bones and skull seemed scattered.
Bury the stone in Ke’te ‘trouble’ including the oldest in Tator. Age tomb stone was estimated at more than 700 years.
As he stepped into a higher place in the rock, we can see wooden statues as a picture of those who have been buried there. There are dozens of statues that are placed inside a small opening into the bay, with an iron door berteralis.
The tomb stones are quite complicated and expensive construction. to make a stone tomb measuring two meters wide, two meters tall, and a depth of two meters, it took 300 days maturity. (Source: Sinar Harapan)

7. To’Barana Sa’dang

Some argue that To’barana Sa’dang is the center of the Toraja region. In parts of these villages there are four barns on tarawat with neat lawns. Toraja weave a very attractive display and for sale by this kampong. Around the village rice terraces are also sweet to watch.

8. Pallawa

searching along the river towards the north Sa’dang brings us to the Palawan, Tau Tau and tongkonan welcome the visitors Tongkonan Palawan is one of tongkonan interesting with a number of mounted buffalo horns in front of their traditional homes. Located on top of a hill in the middle of a bamboo tree rindang.gambar of Tongkonan adorn many magazines overseas tourists.

9. Sangalla

Sangalla is a bamboo hedge in the middle area, in the altitude at the foot of the hill. rare baby’s grave as one interesting object in this village

10. Buntao

Buntao is a very interesting village to visit, especially at the time of day market. Buntao have patane, the Toraja house-shaped tombs. And on top of the hill surrounding the village there are many old graves.

11. Marante

Marante is a village that has many tongkonan and barns are large and coral which contains the graves of stone and depend called by locals “Erong”.

12. Tondon

Located on the edge of a small street market near Makale. On the side of the hill there are rows of Tau Tau advance of the cave tombs. These tombs belonged to noble families.

13. Batutumonga

Located in the temperate regions Sesean cold, about 1300 meters above sea level. In this region there are 56 menhir stones in a circle with a five-wood trees in the middle. Most of the menhirs betu measuring two to three feet high. The scenery is very charming over Rantepao and surrounding valleys can be seen from this very interesting place to visit

14. Lokomata

Lokomata located about 35 kilometers from Rantepao, held a very interesting views from 4 levels of large stones on the roadside which has about 60 grave stone cliffs with enriched by the views of the terrace rice fields, mountains and valleys in the lower part

15. Macula

In these places there are hot springs, in addition to aa house has resting place bathtub with springs flowing. Prepaid is a small pond that dibeton filled by hot water flowing from the back of the house. This is a great place to soak in hot water after a long journey.

16. Bori

This location is as far as 6 kilometers from Rantepao road leading to the Sa’dang and interesting views Pallawa rante Bori is high, menhir stones, some of which rise several meters high above the ground.

17. Clogged Kalando

In this area there is a house that was founded by the king tongkonan Sangalla. there is a museum in it though rather new model, the museum’s home form has some interesting things and some of the royal household who formerly owned by Puang Sangalla.

18. Penanian

The houses of traditional tongkonan who have carved walls and pillars can be seen in this place. Rice-granary barn in this village is new with a new depiction of the carving.

19. Karassik

Karassik consists of a bamboo house yyang painted colorful lined the edge of the ceremonies, and several stone menhir rante.


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