Choosing Exercise Tips to Fit for Us

Sometimes we would find it difficult to choose the sport that suits us. Exercise bandwagon just because is a futile activity, because it will not protect our health. To get a sport that suits us, we must know the personality, shape our bodies and our age. With exercise in accordance with us, will get a useful exercise for our bodies.

Exercising is sometimes influenced by us, among other things:

1. For those of us who do not much like sports. Do not like sports does not mean not exercising. For those who do not like sports, begin to try sports that are not so heavy, like running or biking around the complex in a city park. Do it regularly every 1 week.
2. For those of us who have extra busy. Usually people who have jobs in the office will have little time to exercise. However, you can use the little time you have with light exercise such as push ups or sit ups.

Choosing exercise can also be adjusted with the shape of our bodies, among others:

1. For those who have lower body shape is bigger than the upper body shape. You can do sports that focus on lower body parts, such as cycling, running or walking.
2. For those who have upper body shape is wider than the lower body. You can do sports such as jogging in the morning.
3. For those who have a thin body shape. You can perform a simple exercise, namely running and sit ups.

Besides the two issues above, our age also can affect the sport that we choose. Because not all can do the same sport. Sports are adjusted for age, among others:

1. For 25-year-old. For this age can do all sports, because at this age the body is still fresh and strong. Sports are the most suitable among others, running, swimming and athletics.
2. For 60-year-old. For this age is only recommended for walking exercise regularly.


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