Six NII account on Facebook

Flag NII (Negara Islam Indonesia) (
Negara Islam Indonesia (NII) has been declared a prohibited movement on Indonesian soil. However, lately, this movement more often heard after the case of brainwashing that hit students at a number of campuses on the island of Java.

This movement also penetrated into the world of social networking, Facebook. There are at least six accounts on behalf of the Indonesian Islamic State (NII).

Of these six, there is one account that uses capital letters and use the profile pictures NII flag, red flag with white crescent and star in the middle. Interactions on this account more than any other NII accounts.

Until Friday night, April 29, 2011, 2739 Facebookers there are pressing buttons like (like) this account. In it, making lists accounts that signed the proclamation of the founding of NNI SM Kartosoewirjo on August 7, 1949.

On the wall, the owner of the account which did not mention the name of reducing the number of posts regarding the establishment of an Islamic state in Indonesia and started around January 2010.

In addition, in the photo, the owner of the account include the title ‘The enemies of Darul Islam’. The contents, images of this state officials such as former President Sukarno, former President Suharto, Ali Moertopo, former BIN chief Hendropriyono, LB Moerdani. In addition to these national figures, the owner of the account also put other photos that are considered as enemies, namely the Special Datasemen 88 and head of Pondok Pesantren Al Zaytun, Indramayu, West Java called Panji Gumilang alias Abu Toto alias Abu Ma’arif.

Not all comments posted Islamic State of Indonesia is suggestive support. Some of them even suggested the formation of NII as a dream, like writing Jarot Mangkubumi: NII dream kaleeeee yeee … still kerenan President Sukarno kaleeee than KARTOSUWIRYO champion ran out of rice … wake up man it is year 2010 … when other countries are competing to find planets in other space kebumiaan us-we are still together hal2 berkutek kaya gini, opening forward even reverse …

In another account, the Indonesian Islamic State movement emerged in a variety of photo profiles, like a flag with a photo of the originator NII NII first time, and eye Kartosoewirjo


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