This symbol NII Fund Collectors

Bendera NII (Negara Islam Indonesia) (

Reportedly went bankrupt, Negara Islam Indonesia (NII) is believed to more aggressively look for funds. In addition to a potential recruit followers, the group has also spread followers to seek funding to a number of public places.

According to Mr. Solahudin, researchers NII history of Darul Islam, they are dispersed to a number of ATMs, a collector disguised donations from foundations orphans.

There are a number of signs to distinguish whether the donation request from NII or not. Said Mr. Solahudin, see the envelope. If there is an octagon (previously written hexagon, red), black, and the ball in the middle of the world that there is a red-white flag.

When confirmed, Imam Supriyanto, former Minister for Improved Production of NII, to justify the octagon is a symbol of the NII. “It means Rahmatan Lil Alamin or mercy for all creatures. The red and white symbolize the state of Indonesia, “said Imam on VIVAnews.

So, the Imam said, in the octagon there is a red and white flag.

When asked about any other symbol that is a globe, Imam stated that he had never seen. “I’ve never seen. All I know is only a symbol of a red octagon with a white flag in it,” he said.

Meanwhile, donations from members, according to Imam, the majority is used for regeneration of the NII through education projects. The funds will be used for operational funding of education. “For the payment of teacher salaries, physical development (building), the procurement of land assets, vehicles and so forth,” said Priest.

Related Pesantren Al Zaytun denial about his involvement in the NII, the priest explained, with the discovery of the practice of collecting funds and recruiting new members who can be baiat after he gave some money to be the answer to these objections. “The victims know if the funds were handed over to Al Zaytun,” said Priest.

Previously, Henry Purwanto, intelligence analysts, stating that NII is currently being intensively-incessant recruiting. From 1999 until now, there are approximately 151 thousand new members recruited NII.

“NII is constantly moving and doing fundraising. The pattern MLM, marketing through the mouth. Targeted members each month to supply as much money as Rp6 million. New members have to find 7 people targeted,” he said.


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