Who Businessman Theme Park in Indonesia?

Business park (theme park) currently being ogled some developers in Indonesia. Call it The Group through the Trans Corpora Tbk and PT Bakrieland Development. Competition in business is quite tight. Services determines interested visitors.

Pembangunan Jaya Ancol president director, Budi Karya Surmadi, said that management has prepared several strategies in future development. “We’re still focused in Jakarta, although now in the planning we are also looking for land outside Jakarta,” he said when met VIVAnews.com in Jakarta.

Company, said Budi, targeting middle area of ​​Surabaya, Medan and Balikpapan as a step extending the company business in the amusement park business and recreation. But Budi ensure that, “It’s still in the planning stages.”

Budi also not worried about the old theme that was carried Pembangunan Jaya Ancol over the past 25 years. Because, “We have a surplus of outdoor and eco-friendly, so kids can play while educated about the environment. Plus, we’ve got the sea that are not owned many other developers,” he said.

According to him, outer space or outdoor theme that carried the company will provide even more education than the bids of other developers who offer entertainment in the room. “Children are taught more closely with nature and this will become their lifestyle,” said Budi.

In order to grow the business, Budi continue, the company also will reopen the golf course that has been closed for two years. “We will open again with a different vehicle,” he said.

Land, according to Budi, will be made of water-themed playground and park called Aqua Scan with a collection of two million plants called Echo Park. “Aqua-Scan is a multimedia on the water, there is a boat ride and activities to educate,” he said.

Scan Aqua also comes with an animated show made by Nano Riantiarno results frontman Koma Theater. “Nano is made with animal theme fight back but Indonesianists. Later, she would make with Cucumber version Mas and Buto Ijo,” said Budi.

Not only that, Budi added, the intensification of other measures are also carried out the company. Next June, the World Fantasy will open a new animation theater named Kalila Adventure. “Our dream for such Disney soon realized,” he said. Animation has to offer by using its own figures, such as combi Dufan (Komodo).

With this plan, he said, this year the company has poured funds for capital expenditure amounting to Rp450 billion, which is taken from internal funds and the issuance of bonds some time ago.

To develop the Echo Park, the company disbursed funds amounting to Rp70 billion. The company dirogoh funds for Aqua Adventure Kalila Scan and Rp20 billion respectively.

Previously, Bakrieland Development also plans to develop theme park in the area Jonggol and Lido, West Java. “Most fast, which we will develop the Lido, Sukabumi first,” said President Director & CEO of Bakrieland Development Hiramsyah S Thaib in Jakarta, some time ago.

To Lido, Hiramsyah added, theme park which will be developed on an area of ​​cellular 50-100 hectares (ha). As for Jonggol region more broadly, that is about 100-200 ha. “Funding will we combine from internal cash, bank loan and the strategic partners,” he said.

As is known, Trans Corpora also plans to build an amusement park as many as 20 pieces in Indonesia by 2020. Amusement park to be built Chairul owned company is one of them was in Bandung and began to be inaugurated in June 2011 and spend Rp2 trillion.

“We’re going to open in June fit with school holidays,” said company owner Chairul Para Group in Jakarta, mid-March.

According Chairul, amusement parks to be built at the Bandung Bandung Theme Park, among others, which will have a three-star hotel and six stars.

Trans Corp itself currently has one amusement park in Napier called Trans Studio Theme Park with an investment of around Rp1 trillion. The project was built on the cooperation of the Group whose owner is Chaerul Cape, with the Kalla Group, a family-owned company of Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

Theme Park which is inspired by Disneyland and Universal Studios was built on an area of ​​2.7 ha. So, when in Trans Studio Theme Park will take visitors to the atmosphere of a small town in the United States (U.S.) in 1937 who named Broadway.


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