Lotus TOP 1 Racing Team Ready for Action at Sentul

PT Artha Auto as car manufacturers Lotus formed a racing team that will compete in Time Attack Series event in 2011 at the Sentul International Circuit.

The team that collaborated with synthetic lubricant products TOP 1 will use the Lotus Elise Supercharged. The team was given the name “Lotus TOP 1 Racing Team.”

Racing Time Attack Car racing is a new branch in Indonesia, where participants go round the circuit in the shortest possible time. “We feel this event is very appropriate to show keunggukan Lotus, as well as introducing direct to the public will this legendary sports car brand,” said Endy Kusumo, COO Eurosports Lotus.

Lotus Elise Supercharged (SC) is a bona fide sports car that is designed directly in the UK. With a 1796 cc engine supercharger, the car weighs less than 900 kg is capable of spitting out 217 horsepower power. Speed ​​0-100 km / h can be completed in 4.6 seconds. This premium sports car based on aluminum and has a remarkable degree of control.

Lotus Elise SC jumping in the arena of Time Attack is concrete proof of Lotus to enliven the world of motorsport in Indonesia. “Lotus Elise SC is a variant of our entry level. The car that we revealed in Time Attack 2011 event is a standard car manufacturers and no modification of any race. ”

He added, “In the future we also have prepared a number of other variants derived in this event like or Exige S Exige Cup 260.”

Lotus took TOP 1 as their partner in this project. Manufacturers of synthetic lubricants have stepped up to supply quality synthetic lubricants needed by the supercharger Lotus Elise Turbo engine.

“We are very proud and excited to run this project with the Lotus,” said Derrick Surya, Head of Marketing at PT Topindo Atlas of Asia, as a distributor of TOP 1 in Indonesia.

He explains, one of the variants of premium synthetic lubricants used were TOP 1 Evolution 5W-30 100% Fully Synthetic Motor Oil. “Oil is believed to lubricate and protect the 2ZZ-GE engine in the Lotus Elise.”

Evolution TOP 1 5W-30, said Derrick, previously also been getting a reference from OEM LOTUS Malaysia at Empire Lotus Motorsport racing team. “The product also passed the strict test for the Corvette race car specifications and be certified GM 4718M and ILSAC GF4.”

As riders, TOP 1 Racing Team Lotus pointed Fitra Eri. This national touring rider is believed to maximize the ability of the car and has carved out a myriad of achievements.

TOP 1 racing team Racing Team Lotus in Indonesia is a continuation of cooperation with the Lotus racing team TOP 1 in Malaysia which had already accomplished in 24 Hours Endurance events in Malaysia and Dubai.

“The appointment of Fitra Eri as a racer as well describe our seriousness in this racing team. And all those involved in this project also has received approval from our principals in the UK,” said Endy.

TOP 1 Racing Team Lotus will carve his debut in the first series in May 2011 Time Attack Series in Sentul circuit. At the time of the event, TOP 1 will introduce the product branding subbrand premium synthetic lubricant that is a variant Evolution Series. “We are proud to provide quality synthetic lubricants for premium class cars Lotus,” said Derrick


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