Nazar and Anas has a 35% stake in Panahatan

Until now Muhammad Nazaruddin still seek treatment in Singapore. Corruption Eradication Commission has summoned former General Treasurer Democratic Party. Called as a witness in the bribery case the construction of Wisma Athletes in Palembang. Nazaruddin allegedly aware of this case.

Nazaruddin track record as a businessman in a number of companies listed. He, for example, is the founder of PT Children Affairs, the company where Mindo Rosalina as one of the directors. Data from the Department of Justice and Human Rights, which obtained dated May 25, 2011 explaining that Nazaruddin indeed never be the owner of the company.

In a deed of company with the number 44 dated February 14, 2003, Nazaruddin registered as a shareholder. There he served as Commissioner. Then there is a change the company’s Articles of Association.

In a new deed No. 12 dated May 16, 2009, a change in shareholders. Nazaruddin name was not listed as a shareholder. A number of colleagues d Democrats also explained that Nazaruddin indeed there had been a commissioner. latter is not anymore.

Nazaruddin is also listed as the owner of PT Panahatan engaged in plantation, construction, mining, to real estate. The company was founded on September 9, 1997.

Nazaruddin ownership in the company that registered after the amendment to conform with Act No. 40 of 2007. The change was mentioned that the company’s shareholders are Nazaruddin, Anas Urbaningrum, and M. Nasir.

Ownership is based on data last changes on February 19, 2008, issued by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, which obtained, Wednesday, June 1, 2011. The data was mentioned that the authorized capital of a company incorporated in Bengkalis regency, Riau province is valued at Rp100 billion. Similarly, the issued and paid up, 100 billion. (If you want to read the document of title, please click the link ‘PT Panahatan’ below the picture)

Capital 100 billion was comprised of 100,000 shares, each share valued at Rp 1 million.

In SK-22783.AH.01.02.Tahun AHU No. 2008 dated May 5, 2008, stockholders as follows:
1. Anas Urbaningrum: 35,000 shares
2. Muhammad Nazaruddin: 35,000 shares
3. M. Nasir: 30,000 shares

With the value of one share of Rp1 million, meaning Anas Urbaningrum hold shares in PT Panahatan with initial value of Rp35 billion, Muhammad Nazaruddin Rp35 billion, and M. Nasir Rp30 billion.

Meanwhile, board of management at PT Panahatan are:
1. Director: M. Nasir
2. Commissioner: Muhammad Nazaruddin
3. Commissioner: Anas Urbaningrum

Until now, Anas Urbaningrum could not be confirmed about the ownership of shares in this company. When met at the office of DPP Democratic Party, Jalan Kramat Raya, secretariat officials do not know where he was Anas. “Mr. Anas office since morning,” said an officer

Members of the Board of Trustees Achmad Mubarok Democrats did not argue and did not justify the existence of Anas in PT Panahatan. Mubarok actually asked, whether the chairman of the party’s position as a commissioner in one company that a problem?

“If the commissioner, what’s the problem? Commissioner was not necessarily know exactly what his business. I was commissioner at several companies but do not know the details of his business. Sometimes, as commissioner of the name we have only used it,” he said when contacted Mubarok.

Meanwhile, M Nasir, who sits as a director was asked by reporters on May 25, 2011 last. But he was unwilling to answer.

“No comment deh,” said Democratic politician from Riau. She also declined to comment about the issue that said the Democratic chairman Anas Urbaningrum sit as a commissioner in one of the companies owned Nazaruddin. “No comment. I do not know that matters,” he said .

Since the case Nazaruddin sticking out, some media had reported a number of companies owned by Nazaruddin. And Nazaruddin itself has been dismissed from the General Treasurer Democratic Party because of alleged ethics violations.

Nazaruddin himself ensure that he was cleared of bribery cases SEA Games athletes homestead development. He also strongly denied giving money to the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court, the case of the latter was also dragged into the swirl of media attention. Through the blog he wrote from Singapore, Nazaruddin answer all the allegations.
Democratic Party submitted the case that struck Nazaruddin to the legal process.

Told reporters in Gianyar Bali, 14 May, Anas Urbaningrum asserted that his party would not interfere with the KPK law into their domain. “Democrats maintain the ethics of honor party context. If the context of the law enforcement area, “elaknya.

While the DPP when the Democrats held a news conference Saturday, May 28, 2011 night, Anas who is scheduled to attend are not visible. He represented the Chairman of the Division of Communication Andi Nurpati. Through Andi, Anas just leave a message, asking Democrats for solid board and be patient.

“Presented by the Chairman, is currently facing trial say many Democrats,” said Nurpati time. “Therefore, all the cadres and leaders were asked to solid, patient, cautious. Ready to face attacks from outside,” he said.

Until now Nazaruddin still be in Singapore for treatment. Nazaruddin name dragged in the two cases. First, the alleged bribe in the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Secondly, giving money to the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court Janedjri M. Gaffar.

Nazaruddin fly to Singapore a day before it was published abroad prevention. Nazaruddin departure has received permission from the Democratic Party and chairman of the House of Representatives


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