The owner of PT Panahatan Not Changed Since 2008

Name of Chairman of the Democratic Party since 2008 Anas Urbaningrum registered as a shareholder in PT Panahatan. Anas addition, two other Democratic volunteers also registered as the owner, ie, M Nasir and Muhammad Nazaruddin.

The company is based on data from the Directorate General of General Legal Administration of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights established in 1998. In a deed of company with the number 11 dated 11 April 1998, a company based in Regency Bengkalis, Riau. This company is engaged in plantation, agriculture, animal husbandry, trade, contractors, instalateur, services, mining, housing development, the developer (developer), and real estate.

The company was founded with a capital of Rp1 billion, consisting of 1,000 shares to each of Rp1 million. While the issued and paid up capital each for 250 shares of Rp250 million.

At that time the composition of shareholders is:
1. Polin Sitorus: 100 shares
2. Dince Sinaga: 50 shares
3. Debby Sitorus: 50 shares
4. Panahatan: 50 shares

The composition of the board as follows:
1. Director: Polin Sitorus
2. Director: Beresman Napitupulu
3. Commissioner: Dince Sinaga
4. Commissioner: Debby Sitorus

However, in the year 2008 base budget changes to conform with Act No. 40 of 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company. That’s when three cadres Democrats take all of its ownership and management. Not only that, the authorized capital of Rp 1 billion, which was originally just jumped so Rp100 billion.

In this company the same share of ownership Anas Nazaruddin, each maasing 35 percent, while the rest is owned by M Nasir. With the value of one share of Rp1 million, meaning Anas Urbaningrum hold shares in PT Panahatan worth Rp35 billion, Muhammad Nazaruddin Rp35 billion, and M Nasir Rp30 billion.

Based on the company deed No. 29 dated February 29, 2008, the company is engaged in agriculture, trade, development, manufacturing, mining, land transport, printing, maintenance and services.

This shareholding structure after the change:
1. Anas Urbaningrum: 35,000 shares
2. Muhammad Nazaruddin: 35,000 shares
3. M Nasir: 30,000 shares

Meanwhile, board of management at PT Panahatan are:
1. Director: M Nasir
2. Commissioner: Muhammad Nazaruddin
3. Commissioner: Anas Urbaningrum

In a written explanation, the Director General Civil Rights Kemenkum AHU Sjafruddin asserted, AHU-related data owned PT Panahatan, the data from the establishment until the last change. That is, there has been no change since February 29, 2008.

Anas itself has not responded about its interest in Panahatan.


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