students smk esemka car solo work.

students smk esemka car solo work.

Not only students Vocational School (SMK) in Solo, which has been exhibiting their works, car Esemka Kiat. Train Industry PT (INKA) also show teeth with cheap cars. The difference, car INKA works specifically for farmers.

With the function to transport agricultural products, this car is priced fairly cheap. “The price is Rp55 million, yet to be decided later on subsidies,” said Minister of Industry, MS Hidayat, in the Office of Coordinating Minister for Economy, Jakarta, Tuesday, January 10, 2012.

According to Minister of Industry, the car only to farmers in the countryside and are not expected to go into big cities, like Jakarta. Local governments are already interested in between South Sulawesi. They have expressed its readiness to buy a cheap car made it INKA.

However, to get a special car that farmers, the government is still considering whether or not to be given subsidies. Hidayat will still talk with Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo. “Not to be decided. The principle of government will help the production process to be run effectively,” he said.

Special car engine capacity of 700 cc farmer. To that end, the government still will test the ability of the transport means. “We’ll see, because it is being carried out surveys and research,” he said.

Ready for mass production
INKA production car and that vocational students are some examples of the work of the nation who are now under increasing public and government support. Government support of which it will be realized with a readiness for mass production.

Minister of Industry, MS Hidayat, said the production car vocational students in Solo, Kiat Esemka, it also has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) given in 2010. NIK it will be brought to the Ministry of Transportation in order to get a certificate of road worthiness test.

“Tip Esemka this year already made improvements. Pretty soon, I think permission would come out,” said MS Hidayat.

In view of Hidayat, if the results of the feasibility test car’s 1,500 cc engine capacity passed the test, Kiat Esemka can begin to enter stage an industrial scale. At this stage, the government suggested that the automaker was worth Rp95 million to work with actors in the automotive industry.

In addition to NIK, Ministry of Industry has also helped the process of production cars from the side teknopart Esemka Tips and assembly process. However, to find investors, Hidayat still discussing with the Esemka. Because, so far it just helps in the assembly stage.

“I recommend to be working with State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs),” he said.

However, the Minister of SOEs, Dahlan Iskan, states cheap price is not a guarantee of success of a product. A product is said to succeed if they received a positive response from the market.

“Not necessarily cheap behavior. If for example, cheap but not safe or cheap but easily broken?” Dahlan said in the office of Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs.

Former Director of National Electricity Company PT was also pointed out that the previously existing motor products from China. Price of the bike is much cheaper than Japanese. Although cheaper, it turns out China is still less popular motors.

“So, people play a decisive. If there be a national car, the community must also be purchased. Do not buy a variety of reasons,” he said.

Will be on display
Government measures to promote national car production did not seem half-hearted. Ministry of Industry is determined to hold exhibition of local production of cars this year.

In addition to tips Esemka, which many people discussed, five cars creative handiwork of the nation will also be exhibited. “Our commitment in 2012, there are some cars that will be launched,” said Hidayat.

He promised, if the local car manufacturers are ready to produce a vehicle cheaper, Ministry of Industry will help to hold the exhibition to the public. But, with the condition, a decent car showroom is a vehicle that has completed a feasibility test.

“The feasibility test is finished there are five or six products. There Hornet, Kiat Esemka, and others,” he said.

But, if the car works of the nation’s children will survive? According to Hidayat, the continuity of local car products that depend on its ability to compete in the marketplace. “Although, for that we will help,” he said.

Hidayat sure, motor vehicle production of artificial fever in the country will not raise concerns of automobile manufacturers that already exist in Indonesia. The government considers all parties must recognize that
introduce a national car that occurs naturally in every country.

“But, for the dominant in the market was something else, because the competition is too tight. Thus, the national car journey could begin in 2012, but it’s not something easy, we should strive for,” he said.

In fact, the Minister of Finance, Agus Martowardojo, ready to provide fiscal support to develop a national car. Has the national automobile has become the ideal of government for a long time.

“So, from the fiscal side we will find and learn about other forms of initiatives such as what can we support,” said Agus.

Agus welcomes the initiative of the children vocational high schools that make their own homemade car called ‘Ways Esemka’. It then wait for a decision related to the continued development of the Ministry of Industry car.

Among the cars made by the sons and daughters of Indonesia were, in fact there are other products which first present. Call it the Komodo, Hornet, Gea, Marlip, Maleo, Wakaba, East, and Esemka Digdaya.

Unfortunately, the cars of the nation’s work does not get more attention. They do not even have a special place in the biggest automotive exhibition in the country, Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) in 2011. They only occupy a small booth in the corner of the showroom

students smk esemka car solo work.

students smk esemka car solo work.


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