So RI Future International Tin Market.

Support to establish the international tin market in the country continues to flow. After PT Timah Tbk and PT Kobatin agreed to sell the products to the leads through the stock ICDX INATin code, now turn to a number of smelters in the Pacific Islands businessman drain support.

ICDX is a derivative market for trade in tin tin products are produced in Indonesia by INATin code.

According to the President of Indonesia Timah Association (ITA), Hidayat Arsani, formerly ITA that houses approximately 20 employers smelters in the Pacific Islands, refused to sell their products through ICDX.

“ITA INATin proposed that the code is replaced with another name that better reflects the character of the island of the Pacific Islands. Hopefully, the name of the Pacific Islands as the islands of Indonesia’s largest tin producer, also increasingly popular worldwide as tin products from Indonesia,” he said in a written statement received by VIVAnews . com in Jakarta, Wednesday, January 11, 2012.

Hidayat said, the establishment of the international tin market in Indonesia is a strategic move, considering that Indonesia is the world’s largest exporter of tin.

Besides, he adds, in fact, Indonesia is not powerless against the hands of speculators often play the price. “With the international tin market in Indonesia, all tin producers hope that the price of tin could be controlled,” said Hidayat.

Of course, he added, with a controlled price of tin, all Indonesian tin producer, PT Timah Tbk as no longer losing money continuously. That way, the producers of tin Indonesia can implement their obligations, ranging from land reclamation to fund their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Meanwhile, the corresponding change of name, the President Director of PT TimahTbk who was also appointed as Chairman of the Establishment of Bangka Tin Market, Wachid Usman, stated that it did not mind. “Because of these changes merely changes the transaction code in ICDX alone,” he said.

For that, he continued, on January 12, 2012 will be held in order to socialize the public exposure of the transaction code changes. “Regarding the replacement name for the transaction code INATin, hopefully within a couple of days have found the right name for the successor INATin,” said Wachid.

On occasion, Wachid also explained that the establishment of the international tin market in Indonesia through ICDX is the first step to creating the international tin market in the Pacific Islands.

But the barriers are, according to him, besides the lack of human resources, for the moment the infrastructure is still considered inadequate. “All depends on our readiness. Could today, tomorrow or next year. But as long as not ready, we continue to sell products through ICDX tin,” said Wachid.


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