“Strange, Renovation Project Leader of DPR Never Know”.

Chairman of DPR Marzuki Alie led the meeting discussed the building project.

Renovation of various facilities at Parliament House from the toilet room Rp2 billion and Rp20 billion Budget Agency further lower the level of public confidence in the parliament. Parliament can not be assessed properly carry out the major tasks of budgeting, oversight and law making, instead squandering public money.

“If you have this just change the name of the institution renovatif legeslatif institutions because what is done in accordance with the council,” said Ari Dwipayana, political analyst from the University of Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Friday, January 13, 2012.

Impression of the Parliament as an institution that squandering public money, says Ari, also seen as an honorable representative of the people they held meetings in hotels. In fact they already have facilities to conduct the meeting room.

“If it were so what does it do when it’s renovated parliament building, but a meeting was held outside the Parliament building. This is tantamount to squandering public money,” he said.

Renovation banggar meeting room with a value reaching Rp20 billion, according to Ari, like the donkey who is mired in the same hole as the problem is often repeated in the House.

“The strange thing is the chairman of the House who claimed to know nothing about the meeting room renovations banggar and blames the Parliament Secretariat. It’s funny and weird,” he said. “This is a hand washing activity of the leadership council.”

House Speaker Marzuki Alie own claim to not know the Budget Board room renovation cost about Rp20 billion. Marzuki admitted hurt, so reported the Secretary General of Parliament, Nining Indra Saleh, who is responsible for projects worth Rp20 billion to the Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam.


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