Open Meeting Boediono, SBY Monitor.

Vice President Boediono said the national stability must be maintained so that the government runs good performance in this 2012 year. According to him, calm and peaceful atmosphere needed for running of the government for the welfare of the people succeed.

“There is one thing that is fundamental to maintaining this stability problem, namely law enforcement and public order,” Boediono said at the opening meeting of government work in 2012 at PRJ Kemayoran, Jakarta, Thursday, January 19, 2012.
According to Boediono, law enforcement and public order is a key passage of democracy. Without it, he said, which occurs anarchy. “There are the words of a wise man who said it this way, democracy without law and order is anarchy,” he said.

Boediono said, the governors and regents / mayors are leaders for law enforcement and public order in their respective territories. “The point is perhaps to guard law and order in the region, regional leaders here governors, regents / mayors hold the reins of leadership to implement,” he said.

He cautioned local leaders pay attention to the enforcement of law and order law that maintained stability, an issue does not appear larger. “Acting early to face anything like this before the problem even bigger,” he said.

This morning Boediono open meeting, even though President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was also present at the meeting arena. According to Boediono, Yudhoyono monitor the course of the meeting of the waiting room. According to Boediono, Yudhoyono came first from himself, this morning. “I feel made ​​a mistake the first protocol today,” Boediono said jokingly. According to him, this afternoon the president will give directions.


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