Democrats Will Disable Sondakh Angie.

Soon, Democratic politicians Angelina Sondakh will be officially deactivated as a caretaker in the ranks of the party’s Central Executive Council. Angelina is currently the Deputy Secretary General of the Democratic Party I was determined to be a suspect case Pensions Athletes project.

“It will be disabled for positions in the party is also disabled. But it will go through the process of party administration and the like,” said DPP Chairman of the Democratic field and Mafia Corruption Law, Didi Irawady Shamsuddin, the, Friday, February 3, 2012.

According to Didi, the mechanisms that impose a suspension of the Democratic Party cadres who had a suspect. Didi stressed that the rules of the party like this may only apply to Democrats. Typically, he said, the new party will turn off its cadres after legally binding.

“That was the commitment of our party who would be the consequence of all. That as a form of our seriousness to fight corruption,” said Didi is also a member of Commission III of this law.

For Didi, the official decision off Angelina Sondakh also a member of the House Budget Board could not be removed. Due to go through some process of internal party organization.

Even so, Didi assured that a formal decision Angelina Sondakh deactivation must be issued by the party. “The procedure was not long,” said Didi who is also the son of the Minister of Justice who is also Honorary Secretary of the Board of the Democrats, Amir Syamsuddin this.

On the other hand, the Democrats appealed to Angelina Sondakh to cooperate to the KPK. Angelina also advised to dismantle the case that has dragged the Democrat former General Treasurer, M Nazaruddin it. “We also request that Angie respect the legal process,” said Didi is still outside Jakarta.

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