LSI: Democrats Down, Up Golkar, PDI Stable

The decline of the prestige of the Democratic Party in the scandal suspected cases of Pensions Athletes make up the popularity of the Golkar Party. Senior Researcher at the Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI), Barkah Patimahu, said that apart from cases of corruption that are wrapped around the Democrats, Golkar also gained popularity due to the action of the party program.

“Only the Golkar Party that could exceed the number of electoral votes on election 2009. Golkar Party from 14.45 percent in the last election, is now 18.9 percent,” said Barkah, in a press conference findings and analysis of national surveys, Survey Circle Indonesia (LSI), in his office, Rawamangun, Jakarta, Sunday, February 5, 2012.

While the Democratic Party, continued Barkah, in the 2009 election gained 20.85 percent of the vote fell to just 13.7 percent in February 2012. For the PDI-P is stable from the previous 14.03 percent in the 2009 election to 14.2 percent in February 2012.

“The Case of Pensions Athletes make prestige Democrats and Golkar ride down. In addition to the Democrats down, internal consolidation Golkar also has begun the road,” he said.

In addition, he said, Golkar Party also has an ongoing program of action, the social economy. Barkah said the economic recovery program in the sector of small and medium businesses from Aceh to Papua berandil helped raise the prestige of Golkar.

“PDI-P is stable because of loyal voters. However, PDI-P does not perform activities that could improve the party’s image in the public eye,” he said.

In fact, continued Barkah, the opposition Democratic Party of Struggle is the government, which should decrease when the ruling party, the opposition party’s popularity will increase. “But there is no new idea that could raise the party’s image,” he said.

LSI reported cases of corruption scandals involving athletes House Democrats to vote the party elite was predicted to fall, and dropped to third.

“The voice of Democrats slipped to number three. It’s the first time since the first, but previously fell in the second position. Now dropped below the PDI-P,” said Barkah.

In the development of the party vote by LSI survey, Barkah explain, in January 2011, the Democrats are in the top position with 20.5 percent of the vote. Golkar in second place with 13.5 percent, and the PDI-P ranked third with 12 percent.

On June 2011, LSI returned the surveys. The result Golkar 17.9 percent, overtaking Democrats fell to 15.5 percent. PDI-P is still in third place, with a stable rate at 14.5 percent.

The next survey, said Barkah, conducted in October 2011. At that Golkar vote rose slightly to 18.2 percent at the top, while the Democrats are stabilized at 16.5 percent. PDI-P were at 12.5 percent.

However, the February survey, the position of Democrats fell to third place from the major parties. Demokrar vote of only 13.7 percent of the survey results, or slid away from the Golkar in the top 18.9 percent, and the PDI-P following the 14.2 percent in the second position.


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