Angelina Sondakh Back On Assignment in DPR.

Democrat Angelina Sondakh back office at the Parliament building. Wearing a blue batik shirt, wearing glasses, with teased hair, Angie entered the Nusantara Building the House to follow the Democratic faction meeting.

Angie said she was grateful to be given permission by the faction to his or her affairs in Corruption trial for two weeks. Now he is ready to complete the tasks kedewanannya that got abandoned.

“Today I present to the activities of the faction. I ask permission about two weeks to complete my lawsuit. Praise was given permission fraction, “said Angie at the Parliament building, Jakarta, Friday, March 2, 2012.

Angie asks all parties to look at legal issues facing it with clarity. Angie also confirmed he will continue to follow the legal processes well. “Respect the existing law,” said the former deputy secretary general of the Democratic Party.

Angie admitted attorney has not been prepared to accompany the legal process as a suspect in the alleged corruption of development projects Pensions SEA Games athletes. “I have not appointed a lawyer,” he said.


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