Crude oil was looted, the State Loss Billions.

Tens of thousands of barrels of crude oil were looted. Mostly occurred in the Sumatra region. As a result of looting, during the period 2010-2011, estimated at tens of billions of losses.

Today, the unbridled looting. The volume of crude oil increased rapidly even stolen.

The data showed PT Pertamina EP, in May 2012 losses due to looting in the crude oil pipeline Tempino-Plaju in Jambi and South Sumatra reached 39 thousand barrels. Looting has increased in June 2012, the numbers craze, more than 59 thousand barrels.

Due to the ever increasing oil theft, Pertamina EP was inflamed. A subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) in the field of exploration and production efforts were admitted criminal handling in Sumatra is not optimal.

“There is no concrete efforts of law enforcement officers to address the looting. Reports delivered real action has not been fruitful,” said Public Relations Manager of Pertamina EP, Agus Amperianto, in a written statement received by VIVAnews, Monday, July 2, 2012.

One proof of the absence of law enforcement, he said, seen from the figure losses due to looting in the path to Plaju Tempino is increasing every month.

Looting has hurt the country, because the loss of potential income from the production of crude oil. Increasingly widespread violent crime occurs in areas of oil and gas operations Pertamina EP, especially in South Sumatra and Jambi.

The crimes committed against company property and personnel has resulted in losses of tens of billions of dollars. Action that includes crude oil looting, pillaging of assets, sabotage, to violent crime.

“Losses incurred in the two areas cumulatively have reached more than 100 thousand barrels,” he said.

Irresponsible action, according to Pertamina EP, not only impact the loss of crude oil or assets, but also hamper operations. Therefore, the assets become lost and damaged, there is environmental pollution and the potential fire hazard.

Seven Modes
Crude oil theft in the Sumatra region had indeed been caused cumulatively considerable losses. If during 2010 to 2011 has reached 48 thousand barrels, then the value of losses estimated at around Rp40 billion. Assuming oil price of around U.S. $ 90-100 per barrel.

Mode of theft of any variety. Agus then gave an example of events that occurred on Monday. About 50 people using two units of 312 trucks have been looted rod production pipeline that is stored in the collector station (SP) 7 Jimar Gutters, South Sumatra. “In the event, SP 7 duty officer received threats from the point of a gun offenders,” he said.

Criminal events in the Region of Sumatra, the more cause for concern, particularly in the Prabumulih. In June 2012, Field Prabumulih recorded more than 56 cases.

The looting of events has increased very significantly each year. Occurred 10 times in 2009 and increased dramatically to 131 events in 2010. Furthermore, the alarming increase in looting of oil in 2011 to reach 420 events. “The worst conditions occurred in 2012, where in the first 6 months had occurred more than 431 events,” he said.

Pertamina said, most of the looting of crude oil is done by using the mode of punching holes in the pipe and install the faucet (illegal tapping). However, there is still another mode.

Here are seven modes looters looting carried crude Pertamina:

First, the vent pipe at some point, usually 3-4 points, and then take the oil in the pipeline in an area that is considered safe.

Second, Doing perforation near the culvert, hose across the road, the vehicle / truck across the street to capture the oil.

Third, the mode of oil theft in dwelling house which is above the conduit in certain sections.

Fourth, the mode after taking oil theft. Valve (valve) still left open so that oil flows into the surrounding environment. It is feared, the oil flowing and there are sources of ignition are intentional (sabotage mode).

Fifth, the thieves use a drill hole in the pipe with the horizontal from the point of perforation across the street, which used a type of hose used by telecommunications companies. It is possible there are allegations of working with contractors to telecommunications facilities and the like. Then, distribute the oil to a car thief who parked across the pipeline.

Sixth, theft mode deliberately perforated pipe in the water, then the spilled oil collected by the community. Furthermore, oil is sold to the reservoir (sabotage mode).

Seventh, vent pipes that have been prepared where a container (dug wells, ponds) for oil spills as well as involving the masses. Also made threats to the management team by rogue elements offender.

Pertamina has now increased vigilance. Including through the activities of the patrol. “We enhance the consolidation of the security plan. If you need to add people on the points that we think is vulnerable,” he said.

Cooperation with the security forces have also carried out. Security including the vital national asset. According to him, not only related to theft of pipes, but how to distribute the oil to “survive” to the refinery.

Security coordination with the military / police it was not just locally, but nationally. Safety checks, Agus continued, also expanded to the points that allegedly occurred many illegal oil trade.

However, he continued, indignation Pertamina EP is not only related to the rampant theft of crude oil in the pipes of his. The lack of cases that were followed by security, not a deterrent to thieves.

“There are caught red-handed, but further action is not completed in the police. That resulted in no deterrent effect for the offender,” said Agus.

According to Agus, the reason police sometimes released suspects the theft was insufficient evidence. In fact, Pertamina wants combating oil theft case to hand it to the theft of oil fence.

The police, he continued, would only increase the patrols at vulnerable points of oil theft. Although it has intensified patrols, oil theft still occurs even more rampant.

When contacted VIVAnews, Head of Public Relations Division of Public Information Headquarters, Commissioner Boy Rafli Amar, said it is ready to help Pertamina to investigate the theft of crude oil. “Please Pertamina to inform the police about the findings of the theft,” said Boy.

According to him, the police will follow up any information submitted. “Because if any such action, the police could not immediately know. For that, please coordinate with us,” he said.

source :–negara-rugi-miliaran


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