Kisah Sukses Milyader Muda, Top Itipat . (Tokoh Inspiratif)

alan kehidupan kita memang beda-beda, tetapi perlu diketahui bahwa kita berjalan menuju kepada suatu kesuksesan. Dan kesuksesan selalu berada diujjung jalan yang berliku, berjalan dengan sungguh-sungguh adalah salah satu cara untuk mencapai tujuan selain memang harus tahu cara untuk sampai ketujuan. Kita harus selalu berjalan menuju kesuksesan, karena kesuksesan belum tentu kita dapatkan dengan berjalan kearahnya, tetapi dengan tidak berjalan kita sudah bisa dipastikan tidak sukses. Maka tidak ada pilihan untuk mencapai kesuksesan kecuali berjalan dengan benar.
Top Ittipat, Kisah Sukses Seorang Milyuner Muda
Begitulah kisah yang terjadi dalam hidup seorang pemuda bernama Top Ittipat dalam menjalani usaha bisnisnya dan menghantarkan Tao Kae Noi, produk cemilan rumput lautnya pada dunia. Di usianya yang ke 26 tahun ini, Top telah menjadi seorang milyuner muda.  Baca pos ini lebih lanjut


These 10 Airline Indonesian authorities.

Transportation Ministry data shows throughout the first half of the domestic passenger number 18 national airline’s 33 million passengers. Lion Air’s domestic passenger market share with 13.97 million passengers flying domestic or 41.51 percent during the first semester of 2012.

In the second place there is a state-owned airline PT Garuda Indonesia domestic passengers flew 7.80 million or 23.20 percent. Following behind Garuda Indonsia Sriwijaya Air is 3.90 million passengers as much or 11.59 percent. Baca pos ini lebih lanjut

Ministry of Finance: Government Will Pursue State Assets.

Director-General of the State Ministry of Finance, Hadiyanto revealed that the government continues to search for assets that belong to the state that is currently used for commercial purposes.
Assets of the country, either in the form of land or buildings that most of the former state-owned company that has been liquidated or transferred.
Hadiyanto said, the search begins from track transactions made ​​during the transition. That in the future, be disciplined and get the government fixed assets. Baca pos ini lebih lanjut

DPR: Police Have Not Discourage Work KPK.

Member of Commission III Martin Hutabarat requested that police not to obstruct the investigation is taking place in the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). Moreover, by restricting Martin said KPK examining evidence seized in Korlantas on Monday.

“People increasingly wondered not want to give up as if nothing is covered. I think legowo course, much remains to be investigated the police,” Martin said in the House of Representatives, Friday, August 3, 2012.

With attitudes that hinder the KPK, the police actually have demonstrated that excessive arrogance was no need to be disclosed. “Because the Commission is also investigating police official sent by the police,” he said. Baca pos ini lebih lanjut

Kapolda : Avoid Election SARA in Phase Two.

Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Lucky S Rajab asked candidates for governor and vice governor of Jakarta who fought in two rounds of elections Jakarta to avoid SARA issues. Because, he said, it could disrupt religious harmony.

“We do not distinguish between matters of religion, race, because we are one nation. It is no longer a model of primordial, tribal religion does not exist, we are one nation,” said Lucky in his office, Friday, August 3, 2012.

According to her campaign SARA to be proved. The police could not crack if there is no evidence. For the case of SARA, must first report to the Election Supervisory Committee. After they said there was a criminal element, then the new left to the police Baca pos ini lebih lanjut

KPK, Shutter former PLN president director.

Vice Chairman of KPK,Bambang Widjojanto

Vice Chairman of KPK,Bambang Widjojanto

Construction of Steam Power Plant (power plant) in EVAL, Lampung in 2004 a pilot project the State electricity company PT. In the implementation of the project tender was worth Rp2 trillion, PT Alstom Indonesia is one of the winning projects alias steam boiler construction – a tool that generates steam to power the motion.

The tender process of this project later in the spotlight. PLN which was led by Eddie Widiono as budget users suspected of “playing” in the bidding process. PT Alstom before asking a higher price than other suppliers, namely Mitsubishi, still participate in the tender until the fourth stage. Baca pos ini lebih lanjut

KPK: Corruption Impact Charged Way.

Corruption Eradication Commission with a number of experts and academics to formulate the impact of the damage was caused by corruption.

KPK deputy chairman Widjojanto said to quantify the effects of damage caused by this corruption, the result will be borne by the defendants of corruption cases. With this loading is expected to be a deterrent effect for criminals. Baca pos ini lebih lanjut

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